During 2021, Spanish airports transported more than 120 million passengers. Just during the first half of 2022, Spanish airports received 53.4 million more passengers compared to the first half of 2021.

There are many negative factors that end up affecting the average user, through incidents in their trips such as the famous “overbooking”, cancellations or delays in their flights, loss or damage to luggage, etc.

However, in accordance with Regulation (CE) 261/2004 of the European Parliament and Council, of February 11, and the Montreal Convention, passengers who have suffered these incidents on their trips are entitled to financial compensation that can compensate as far as possible the damage caused by them.

These incidents can range from flight delays and cancellations, where users have the right to receive compensation of up to €600 and/or damage or lost luggage, and may receive financial compensation of €1,414 for the damage caused to the passenger.

Just during the month of July 2022, more than 10,000 passengers have been affected due to more than 215 flight cancellations and, more than 1,225 delays. These users whose rights as passengers have been violated would have the right to make claims and be compensated for the damages caused by these incidents on their trips.

Our lawyers office has an extensive experience in this sector, having successfully carried out numerous out-of-court claims against various airlines, as well as judicial claims in the Commercial Courts, resolving these claims in 100% of the cases in favor of our clients.

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Written by: Alexandra Fernández Ruiz – Lawyer