The purpose of leasing/renting a home is for one party (landlord) to assign a property to another (lessee), for a set period of time and in exchange for a price, provided that both parties, in the exercise of their rights, comply with the obligations and duties agreed in the lease.

The Urban Leasing Law of 1994 and its subsequent modifications (urban property rental law) establishes that leases must be regulated by a written contract, which must contain the duties and obligations to which both parties are subject in terms of housing, its maintenance, its use and your enjoyment.
The minimum content that this contract must contain is the time, price and identity of the parties, among other clauses which must be agreed between the parties. Such as the update of the rent, the recovery of the house and other precepts intended to protect the interests of the parties or prevent any type of controversy from arising from that contractual relationship.

Each lease is different, therefore, the surest way to protect the interests of both parties is to obtain expert legal advice, as well as a formal drafting of the contract, which contains not only the content established in the applicable legal framework, but also the free agreement clauses reached by the parties.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we will be happy to advise you so that the celebration of the lease itself has full legal guarantees, request an appointment and present your case to our legal team.

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