Divorce is one of the causes for dissolution of marriage included in article 85 of the Spanish Civil Code together with the death or the declaration thereof.

This supposes a dissolution of the marriage bond, which entails an extinction of a matrimonial economic regime (community property, separation of property or other agreed matrimonial agreements) and, consequently, compliance with a series of measures to be adopted once the bond is dissolved.

At this point, we all know of a close divorce case, either by mutual agreement (Art. 777 Civil Procedure Law), where both parties reach a friendly agreement for the common good and agree, through a regulatory agreement, certain measures with respect to children and real estate, among other assets.

Or, on the contrary, a contentious divorce (Art. 770 Civil Procedure Law), where both parties do not agree and leave the matter in the hands of the courts under the representation of their lawyers.

Whether it is a contentious or mutually agreed divorce, it is very important that everything is reflected in writing and in accordance with the applicable legislative framework, for this we must ensure that we always have the advice of professionals, who will not only ensure that the procedure and/or the negotiation comes to fruition, but they are going to protect our interests and those of our family (for example, in divorce cases where not only the good of the client is looked after but also that of their children , especially if they are under 18).

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