During the process of a sale, whether it is a home, a vehicle or another type of material good, the first question that is addressed is the price and, if it is paid in full or financing is used, but not It is realized that the purchase may contain hidden defects that prevent buyers from enjoying their purchase in optimal conditions.
We call this “hidden vices” (Art. 1484 Civil Code) and as buyers it causes us anger, discomfort and many unforeseen expenses. These hidden defects may not be detected at the time of the sale, but they are flaws that may come to light later.
At this point, with the help of a lawyer, the relevant claim can be made to the seller for the repair of said defects or, request the termination of the contract, without ever leaving behind the deadlines to make the claim, nor the possible compensation that could arise from the damages or consequences caused by said defects.
If this is the case, and you have acquired a home, vehicle or some other property in these conditions and you wish to solve the situation, you can request an appointment to present your case in our office and we will be happy to advise you.

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Written by: Alexandra Fernández Ruiz – Lawyer