If you have entered into a mortgage loan contract before 2019 with an express life insurance clause, you will be able to report and claim said malpractice before the Courts, as numerous injured parties have done, obtaining reimbursement of up to €15,358.16 euros plus the appropriate ones. interest for the years of coverage from which they had not benefited and the abusiveness of said clause.

It is common practice for banks to grant mortgage loans, to require borrowers to have life insurance that will significantly strengthen the guarantee; however, the borrower could not take out the insurance with the company that he freely chose.
In this way, the bank was in charge of managing both products (mortgage loan and life insurance) to make the capital of the mortgage loan more expensive, which generated more debt for the consumer and more money for the entity, thus constituting a clearly null clause.

However, and thanks to the entry into force in June 2019 of the new Mortgage Law, banks cannot link the contracting of life insurance with the mortgage.

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Written by: Laura Pérez Martínez – Lawyer